Redfin Reviews


Redfin Reviews

With its own agents and local teams of support staff, it’s aiming to work with you all the way from house hunting to loan closing. And discount its fees in the process. Here’s how Redfin compares with other online real estate portals.

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Redfin Reviews

Currently, RedFin has approximately 240 agents. Their local agents can guide you through the entire home-buying (and closing) process. You can see as many homes as you like with no sales pressure and, during negotiations, RedFin agents promise to get you the best possible price. Once the transaction is completed, RedFin refunds portion of our commission back to you so you save thousands without compromising on service. Buyers should be aware that if they live in some States, a refund is not possible because that particular State law prevents us from offering a refund to homebuyers.

What is Redfin?

You can also use Redfin to find agents in your area. These agents can also be slightly more expensive than is actually needed (keep reading to find out why!), as they operate on the same average commission rate of 6%.

It’s important to note, however, that Redfin is an actual real estate brokerage firm. So, unlike other online real estate companies like Zillow who just shows you agents, if you use Redfin, you’ll be working with one of their agents.

However, the listings on Redfin do seem to be a little bit more up to date than the ones on Zillow. That is, if you see a home like, odds are good that if you send your agent the real estate listing, that they can set up a viewing for you in time.

While there is currently no such things as Redfin estimates, the website does source pricing information from Zillow and eAppraisal at the bottom of each listing.

Commission/Selling Cost Redfin Reviews

Redfin Agents charge only a 1.5% listing fee. It is rare for real estate companies to offer commission costs up-front. It, however, is not a true commission. The way in which their agents are paid is different than most companies; they are not based on commission. RedFin surveys every client, deal or no deal, after they work with RedFin. The surveys are then posted online for possible users to read. In an industry paid purely on commissions, Redfin Agents earn a salary and benefits, plus additional pay based on customer satisfaction. This alleviates pressure from the buyer and agent, who feels pressure to sell in order to pay their bills and pressure on the buyer to buy from the agent. (Sellers should beware that in addition to the 1.5% listing fee, they have to pay the agent’s commission).

Experience Redfin Reviews

Launched in 2006 by technologists, Buy Redfin Reviews has been in business for ten years. Over the past decade it has been in existence, the company has expanded throughout the United States and released a real estate app.

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Redfin Reviews

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